“A Message from the Three” – By Guillaume Vincent

The LightHouse

In Newtown the death knell rung…

So loud that it was heard by all of the seven directions, the people of Earth and of the Stars.
Young innocent Stars open and filled with the sweet nectar of life have passed.

The death knell rung and rung, again…

Darkness came and knocked on their doorstep,
Sucked their sweet nectar dry, for it is what Darkness does.

Darkness too, once was an innocent Star.
It too carried the sweet nectar, that on a dark day got stollen away.
Left alone to awaken
A vacuous blood thirsty demon.

A demon with a heart of fear, a mind of control and bullets for eyes.
Its veins filled with a bitter dark and slimy nectar singing separation and destruction.

This same nectar that slowly leaked and invaded all of the four directions, killed in the name of greed, division and superiority.

But the Three – Above, Below and Within – remain;
Standing strong and clear,
The lighthouses of our hope,
The Father and Mother of our sweet nectar,
The guides of our hearts and caretakers of our souls.

Today the Three mourn, and welcome back by their side these young innocent stars.
With their tears a message:

Darkness be ready!
Do not take our mourning for weakness,
Our loving hearts for impotence,
Our dreams for this World and the Beings it holds for naïvety.

We have gathered and are ready, now is the time!
We are coming your way!

From the Four directions people are walking,
Crossing the mountains and the rivers.
They have found each other.

They come with the wisdom of the ancient elders,
The strength of a thousand warriors,
Wings of golden angels and hearts of crystals.

They will not kill you, in their hearts – Love leads.
Love for you, and hope to grieve with you,
What we all have once lost.

They will take your hand and offer you a sip from the Fountain of Life,
The source from which we drink.

Newtown will always be remembered as the NEW TOWN where darkness started anew.

Guillaume Vincent

Copywrite@2012 Guillaume Vincent
Please Do Not Copy or Reprint without Author’s expressed written permission

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