Acupuncture & Herbology


Ready to be healthy, you have tried it all, nothing worked!
You are looking for natural remedies and natural medicine to support you with your health and goals.
You want to extract authenticity and purpose out of your guts.


We explore and target the source of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalance. We select and prescribe the most appropriate holistic medicine, exercises, transformational workshops and integration tools that will drive healing and offer preventive care. All programs and services are tailored to each individual.

Oriental Medicine
Body work and cleanse
Qi Gong


First step

The first step is for you to fill in our intake form, prior to the first session.

This intake form will prepare you to meet with the “streamer”. It will be studied with you during the interview. This interview consist of a review of your physical, emotional and spiritual self and desired goals.

The “streamer” will then tell you what they see and educate you around how they can help you and guide you with your healing.

During the first session, hands on work might be offered, but is not always the case. It is pending on the amount of information to be reviewed during the review and the condition presented. The review can be between 30 to 60 minutes long.

Acupuncture is about self cultivation. One session is usually not enough to address a specific condition.

For acute conditions and trauma between two to four sessions can usually show significant improvement or total relief, but they may also require more.
Chronic conditions/trauma are embedded deeper in the body and take more time than acute conditions to resolve.


Sessions of 60 & 90 minutes are available. When you call to make an appointment.

Streaming Programs

When applicable, you will be offered a Transformation Streaming Program. This program will encompass personal development and healing within the 7 Dimensional Blueprint.
Our programs are created according to the resistance and challenge(s) you are experiencing in order to reach a breakthrough and access your goals. Workshops and classes may also be recommended.