“People value that to which they contribute” Robert Richman, Culture Strategist, Zappos Insights

Organizations seek to extract creativity and boost performance.
Individuals seek well-being, value and meaning in the work environment.
Striking the balance is the solution to success.

Culture Architecture

With you and your team we download, design and install the right culture for your company.

Culture Hacking

We identify in the “coding” of your company pain points. These pain points are generally found through network errors/frustrations. The latter are hacking opportunities to design and install new programs in your culture.

What’s in it for your company?

  • Culture development
  • Create a positive work environment that attracts and keeps the best talent.

  • Tap into creativity
  • Ignite accountability, creativity, imagination and innovative thinking.

  • Cross-functional & cross-cultural communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Learn communication tools that clear conflicts in a matter of minutes and increase team building.
    Co-create and implement company, staff and department agreements.

  • Team building, leadership development and self-management
  • Spend more time leading, less time managing. Work with employees and teams that hold themselves accountable and in integrity.

  • Health and wellness programs and benefits
  • Increase employee retention. Decrease sick leave.
    Implement the streaming policy: “employees work better when happy, rested and healthy”

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