Download our 7D Blueprint Analysis

We have just released our 7D BLUEPRINT ANALYSIS on our website, available to all for FREE!

This analysis encompasses a detailed questionnaire focused around the seven dimensions of wholeness and consciousness. Each of these dimensions is made of particular essences that make us who we are.

We hope you will have fun, discover new information for yourself, deepen your personal awareness and connections.

Complete your analysis with your friends and loved ones and share it with one another.



Copyright © by Guillaume Vincent, 2011. Some rights reserved. 
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One thought on “Download our 7D Blueprint Analysis

  1. Aaron Rosanoff ‘s theory of personality distinguishes seven dimensions (normal, hysteroid , manic , depressive , autistic , paranoid , and epileptoid ), which can be epistatic or hypostatic dimensions, the manifestation of the latter being concealed or inhibited by the former.

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