Family & Systemic Constellation

From this work you will:

  • Gain powerful insights.
  • Identify and heal hidden dynamics underlying disease, addictions and unconscious behaviors.
  • Bring healing, peace and understanding to a difficult life event or trauma.
  • Clarify difficult life choices and changes.
  • Experience connection with Spirit and Oneness.
  • Deepen presence, togetherness, trust & love.
  • What are Family & Systemic Constellations?

    “They provide access to the living, moving web of life and the embodiment of our deeper selves. These constellations reveal inner images, behaviors, challenges, and opportunities that exist below our consciousness, and whose hidden dynamics makes us who we are throughout our lives. Success or failure in our relationships and work, the advent of illness or depression, and even our sense of belonging in the world, often depends upon these hidden forces.

    By identifying and setting up representatives during a private session or by “placing” group participants as representatives, a mysterious process of movement and healing unfolds, one in which a greater order of love and belonging is restored. Participants discover the unconscious knowing of their own bodies, and identify behavioral patterns within themselves and within relationships. These literal and visceral experiences create fundamental shifts in our perceptions of ourselves, others, and the mystery that informs us.” Scott Bader, D.C

    Guillaume weaves a holding space, a safe container, to explore constellations and guide you to deepen connection with self & loved ones, and be present with whatever feelings and movements come up.

    Guillaume offers Systemic & Family Constellations in individual sessions and group workshops.

    For more information about Family & Systemic Constellation:

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