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“Two years of struggles, resolved in two hours”- Jeff Roth, Marketing Manager – Simpler Options

“Fantastic experience. A great way to shrug off your current troubles and anxieties and emerge with a clean slate with which to tackle the world. I’m looking at this as a monthly program to attune the body and mind together for optimum performance.” – John Carter Founder/CEO Simpler Options

“Guillaume is a natural leader and has the amazing ability to keep the most intense discussions on track with an innate ability to drill down to the core of the issues. Guillaume allowed the silence to enter into the discussion where the real truth is discovered…”- Angela Garza, Administrative Assistant – Simpler Options

“I met Guillaume Vincent after doing a family constellation in Buenos Aires, Argentina -my country of origin-. In the past year since I met Guillaume, I attended a one-day constellation, a one-on-one session with Guillaume and an 8-week women’s workshop.

“The work with Guillaume has been transforming me and my life in ways that other means -individual and group psychotherapy- had not. With Guillaume, the healing with a deep wound I have had was accelerated, the ties with my mother and my sisters has deepened and I just got re-married -something I thought I would never do again-.

I highly recommend Guillaume Vincent to anyone and everyone. I believe that we all carry wounds from our past that affect our present life -from intimacy to work-related issues. Guillaume’s work will not only impact you but the people around you in ways that you did not imagine were possible.”- Marcela Alfonsin, M/Ed., L.C.S.W., Realtor
Austin, Texas

“My experience in the Moon Under Your Skin, Transformation Streaming 8 week workshop was life changing. As a bodyworker, I am familiar with how buried emotions can affect our health, our lives, and the way we interact with the world. This workshop taught me different ways to address and bring forth these emotional blockages in a safe environment. I was able to address some personal issues such as self-love and and self-confidence. I learned that by speaking my truth, I am free from my fears and anxiety. I am excited to bring my new awareness to my clients. As a more grounded therapist, I am better able to be the healer that my clients deserve.
Thank you Guillaume for being such a loving and supportive teacher and facilitator. Your belief that healing the world begins with healing ourselves and your knowledge and passion for this work is contagious. I look forward to continuing my streaming practice. I know that I am perfect the way I am, but I could use a little improvement!”- Deanne Rose, LMT
StillPoint Bodywork
A John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist

“Guillaume is the genuine embodiment of what he teaches and inspires in others. Rarely do I see someone who truly cares about people in the way Guillaume does. I believe he achieves this through a heart that he pushes to open wider every day; but also though honesty, integrity, and a fearless approach to knowing himself.” Jared Anderson, Founder – Evolution Health Solutions

“Chanelle MacNab and Guillaume Vincent are as extraordinary in their healing abilities as they are as people. Just being in the same room with either of them can breathe new life into me. I’ve been blessed to have known them for many years, and they have always been 100% present with me and committed to helping me to live my life to the fullest. I can’t recommend Soul emBody enough!” – Sam Morris

“I received acupuncture from Chanelle recently. Her calm energy and compassionate listening made me feel relaxed and taken care of within our first 5 minutes of our appointment.
I immediately felt the needles getting my energy systems moving and felt I was thoroughly taken care of. I highly recommend her as a healer.” – Blythe Sargent

“I am very happy with the services you provide. I think you are intuitive and professional. I always look forward to my treatments. I am also pleased with the herbs. Thank you. I look forward to more visits!” – Jennifer Groves

“Channelle has really helped me with sinus and fatigue issues that have plagued me for years, and I’ve only had a few treatments. I can’t wait for my next one. Thank you!” – Karen Overn

“You both are the best. I feel loved and supported. When I needed assistant even at the last minute you were accomodating. I am sad to not have you as such a resource when I leave. I miss you already!” – Brittany Miller

“Last winter after I fell on my back Chanelle and Guillaume greatly assisted my return to health with a series of acupuncture and herbal treatments. I was pleased with their help and recommend them to anyone with a disabling condition. Both are knowledgeable, patient and effective caregivers.” – Bob Justis

“My experience with Soul ‘em Body was great. I first met Guillame & Chanelle at the Wellness fair, where they enthusiastic about answering all my questions. I later scheduled an appointment, very last minute with serious neck pain, and they were eager to help. The treatments helped my neck pain, and was overall a very enjoyable and educational experience.” – Erin Fusting

“Chanelle and Guillaume are incredibly loving, compassionate and knowledgeable people! They are very sincere, precise and gentle in their work and capable of making you feel safe and relaxed immediately. I have received excellent acupuncture and herbal treatments from them as well as participated in their family constellation work. They do offer incredible services in both fields and their knowledge of one modality greatly enriches their practice in the other. They have a deep understanding of human nature, energy patterns and how imbalances manifest in the body and go about restoring health with great gentleness and skill. One can just feel how much their work comes from a place of loving presence within their hearts and that alone adds a whole different dimension of healing to their work..! I would highly recommend Channelle and Guillaume to anybody – in fact you’d be really missing out by not “being touched” by those wonderful people!” – Eva Leibundgut

“I had a physical problem that recurred over several years. Last year I researched on the internet and found that acupunture was a potential source of relief. Chanelle had come highly recommended and I set up three treatments. During the third session I felt a sensation at one point and the problem resolved at that time. Again this summer the problem began to recur and again resolved after only one treatment. I find Chanelle to be quite professional, knowledgeable, and intuitive. She listens carefully. Both she and Guillaume are compassionate, caring, and dedicated to healing.” – Patricia Vanvaler

“I highly value Chanelle & Guillaume for their dedication, knowledge, intuition and love that show to their clients…You feel as if they really care about your health.. I have experienced acupuncture from Chanelle…… and at the time I was having back issues……From the start I could feel some relief and by the end of the session I was on my way to being pain free. Chanelle and Guillaume ofter a unique approach to healing and I am totally convinced that they are on to a new way of healing. It is a mind body connection and they both understand and are experienced in the many modalities used to attain good health…. You will indeed benefit from their healing practice…” – Valerie Pulido

“My experience of both Chanelle and Guillaume with acupuncture was that they were very professional, well educated and compassionate.” – Carol Adams

“I’d been limping in pain for eight months after crashing on my bike, I was in so much pain I was worried I was going to be disabled. Guillaume saw me limping in pain one day at the farmers market, invited me to have a treatment. I had had acupuncture before from 2 other acupuncturists to no avail. But!! Before I was even off the table before the treatment was even over I had relief! After the second treatment a week or two later now its been over a year and I have had no pain return! We then started to work on other issues I needed help with like energy level, allergies, and numbness in my hands. Tadah!! Guillaumes work was effective for me every time!! When he and Chanelle moved to Austin I was excited for them but bummed I couldnt have regular treatments at home but every time I go to Austin I make an appointment!! These folks are good, loving, skilled, knowledgeable and nurturing people! They were loved and respected and are missed here in Telluride. I look forward to the healing progress I will make next time we are in Austin! April here we come! Love” – Leslie Browning

Great Thanks and Praise!!! For all the help Guillaume!!!! I recently had an injury to my leg and have been receiving acupuncture to aid in the recovery. I strongly believe my healing is doing so well because of the great intuition and knowledge Guillaume brings to his profession! I am SO GRATEFUL!!!! Thank You!” – Mike Delsart

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