New Year’s Resolutions! Resolutions or a sure trap?

2013 Goals I don’t know about you, but when I see that my belly tightens up in seconds. Maybe as a memory of all the resolutions unachieved…

With every new year we feel an internal rush. A rush to reach for our dreams, to reach for something new that we have felt called to explore and accomplish – start a new project, learn a new skill, travel, save money, change ourselves…
We use this time as a chance for us to change what we dislike about ourselves and our habits. To stop our addictions to tabacco, alcohol, food or sweets, TV, sex, illegal drugs and to work on improving ourselves and our relationships.
We strive with excitement, hope, filled with positive intentions and new dreams. Each resolution a beautiful and honorable calling. It can be felt in the air, in the streets. We can breathe it and share it will all.

So why is it that we feel pressured by them and that most of us “fail” to maintain these personal agreements?

We are filled and surrounded by multi-dimensional addictions! We are emotionally and physically entrapped in specific types of relationships and behaviors that we are not even aware of.
Every year at this time we get our head out of “the bucket” filled with hope. As a scared child, on the following day, we look around and the world quickly becomes uncomfortable, unknown and unsafe. What do you think happens next? We go right back into “the bucket”.
It may be uncomfortable down there but at least it is safe, we know every inch of it.
Since childhood we have learned to become comfortable with failure, we know every inch of it, but we have not been taught to be comfortable with success and the unknown that comes with it. As Marianne Williamson suggests, success is our biggest fear.

These behaviors are the resultant of a driving force, a wound. A wound, the result of a story.

Our story and the story we tell ourselves is what keeps us entrapped in “the bucket”.
I will propose that the bucket is made of our individual story, our family and personal story starting with our birth. The latter is contained within a bigger story: the story of our civilization, the story of MAN.

Our healing, our resolutions is about these two stories, the individual and the collective. In other words, the “the bucket” is made of two wounds, the individual and the collective.

The collective story erected our society, a society with a skeleton of anxiety always needing us addicted in order to keep feeding itself. A society that itself is addicted.

Addiction and anxiety are resultants of the original wound of separation, they are symptoms of our dissociation from our natural origin and original birth rights.

We have left behind, with the cartesian dualism of separation, our union with Nature. Today MAN believes to be in control of Nature therefore separated from it.
As we have embraced this message we lost connection with one another, we have lost the love of the land, the love of life (not the life of our societal believes, but our life of origin), technology as replaced the need for each other. We feel alone and powerless. At a fast pace anxiety, fear, disconnection and loneliness creeped on us.

New Year's Resolution No wonder that a yoga class or a 21 day cleanse does not bring the answers we hope. No wonder that trying to save money to pay down our debt is unattainable. No wonder that being green with our use of plastic bottles does not make a difference when it comes to Earth preservation. The foundations, the collective wound, that we step on and believe to be true keep us entrapped. Alcohol, drugs, junk and processed foods surrounds us, technology is constantly fed to us, fear and rush is holding us by the neck… Nowhere a calm river, a field of peace where we can be cared for and care for others. It is up to us to create the latter, it cannot be given to us by an anxious society.

My intend is not to bring you down into darkness but to bring light to darkness, to offer another point of view that I hope highlights what is missing and why it is so hard to change.
I do not reject this time of separation, I believe it is part of our evolution. Thanks to it many discoveries and qualities have been brought to light.
I do however believe that it is necessary to re-orientate ourselves toward union, playfulness and care for our survival.

Nothing is wrong with us, but much is with what be believe.

The collective wound needs your attention. Our individual resolutions must include the collective.

Wake up!, Observe! Take a – caring – stand!

You are a stream, follow it…

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments.
Guillaume Vincent

“A Message from the Three” – By Guillaume Vincent

The LightHouse

In Newtown the death knell rung…

So loud that it was heard by all of the seven directions, the people of Earth and of the Stars.
Young innocent Stars open and filled with the sweet nectar of life have passed.

The death knell rung and rung, again…

Darkness came and knocked on their doorstep,
Sucked their sweet nectar dry, for it is what Darkness does.

Darkness too, once was an innocent Star.
It too carried the sweet nectar, that on a dark day got stollen away.
Left alone to awaken
A vacuous blood thirsty demon.

A demon with a heart of fear, a mind of control and bullets for eyes.
Its veins filled with a bitter dark and slimy nectar singing separation and destruction.

This same nectar that slowly leaked and invaded all of the four directions, killed in the name of greed, division and superiority.

But the Three – Above, Below and Within – remain;
Standing strong and clear,
The lighthouses of our hope,
The Father and Mother of our sweet nectar,
The guides of our hearts and caretakers of our souls.

Today the Three mourn, and welcome back by their side these young innocent stars.
With their tears a message:

Darkness be ready!
Do not take our mourning for weakness,
Our loving hearts for impotence,
Our dreams for this World and the Beings it holds for naïvety.

We have gathered and are ready, now is the time!
We are coming your way!

From the Four directions people are walking,
Crossing the mountains and the rivers.
They have found each other.

They come with the wisdom of the ancient elders,
The strength of a thousand warriors,
Wings of golden angels and hearts of crystals.

They will not kill you, in their hearts – Love leads.
Love for you, and hope to grieve with you,
What we all have once lost.

They will take your hand and offer you a sip from the Fountain of Life,
The source from which we drink.

Newtown will always be remembered as the NEW TOWN where darkness started anew.

Guillaume Vincent

Copywrite@2012 Guillaume Vincent
Please Do Not Copy or Reprint without Author’s expressed written permission

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Copyright © by Guillaume Vincent, 2011. Some rights reserved. 
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“In The Mist Of The Universe” A Poem by Guillaume Vincent

In the Mist of The Universe


In the west, the mist of a warm breeze caresses my face
In the east, the cold falling snow gives a new coat to the land and the trees

In the south, the ocean meets with the deserts of ice and the deserts of sand
In the north, the melting ice of the shores opens new passages into the Baffin Bay

In the sky, the clouds, the sun and the moon dance with the stars, honoring us, when called, by lightening and its tears.

Beneath us the fire, that our Mother lighted up, to cook for us the lunch and feast among our souls.

Surrounding us with light and silent for anthem, the Universe holds the hands, of the mystery before us…

Oh! There you are, it is nice to see you again…

Guillaume Vincent

Copywrite@2011 Guillaume Vincent
Please Do Not Copy or Reprint without Author’s expressed written permission

“Welcome Home” A poem by Guillaume Vincent

Desert Sun

“Welcome Home”

I am here in the heat
Of the spring showing at our door,
In our home, that on a winter day
You and I took for nest,
Listening to a tune speaking to my heart,
Waiting for your return,
Joyful and fearful
To look into your eyes,
Caressing and holding
Your love into my chest.

My Love,
I have been visited by a very old friend,
Breaking through the door without notice
A familiar face, yet a stranger
I decided to sit, listen and look.

I saw across
The mountains and valleys,
The flow of a river
Showing me my longing.

I could feel my heart
Cracking into tears
Talking to my ears, telling me
Will you see me now?

And like the Lion’s Roar in his Kingdom, I roar back Yes!Yes! Yes!
I breath in yes, yes, yes…

Enough! Not being able to love and let in.
Enough! Destructing what never existed.
Enough! Looking outwards for what is already in.

My Love,
I need your support, to gently,
Like on the day of a baby’s first steps,
Hold my hand tight into yours.
Walk with me the cradle road
Along the old river of our dreams

And tell me again, and again, and again

That it is safe to stand alone,
To show my real face
With my mouth wide open,
My teeth sharp and shiny,
My hair full and long,
My tail measuring and drumming
My footsteps on the sand

And like the Lion’s Roar in his kingdom, I roar back Yes! Yes! Yes!
I breath in yes, yes, yes…

As I doubt in you myself,
I cannot help, but to say again,
Hold my hand tight into yours
Walk with me the cradle road.
Take your time and please help me come home.

Thank you for being here,
I simply did not know
That through you, I find me.

Guillaume Vincent

Copywrite@2011 Guillaume Vincent
Please Do Not Copy or Reprint without Author’s expressed written permission

“Silence”, a poem by Guillaume Vincent


You have to go deep
In the fire of the Earth
To save this little trout
from drowning in your guts.

You will feel fear, and laughters
from the longing of your heart
opening to the wind.

You will want to fly, and
never come back,
from this mountain of light.
Forgetting to the ground,
the cradle of your soul
Opening to the One, the oneness in us all.

You will feel fear, of letting go behind,
this dear, sweet, little trout,
that suddenly saw the light.

But between Heaven and Earth
Where is it you should go?

While some wonder about
the seasons and the snow,
and others play and sing
the fallen leaves of all.
It is there for you to find
the nature of your soul.

And in all its strength and awe,
it will be easy to decide
that there is no where to go
but to breathe and sing the life
that ONE once gave us all.

With Love,

Copywrite@2011 Guillaume Vincent
Please Do Not Copy or Reprint without Author’s expressed permission

The Heart Speaks in Picture and Metaphor by Bart Whittington

Blog post written by Bart Whittington from EnGedi Massage.
Bart and I traded work in December 2011 to discover eachothers approaches to healing.
Here is his experience of mine:

Bart’s heart by Robert McCreight

“Sometimes when I’m out at the lake walking or jogging I have moments of inspiration, and one day while running a thought came into my mind, “The Heart Speaks in Picture and Metaphor.” Sometimes my creative muse has to sneak a thought in while I’m not paying attention, I think because I’m hard-headed. God, I love this muse, but she is fickle. She never sends inspiration when I desperately want it, she simply drops an acorn in my soul when the fallow ground of my heart is freshly tilled. Sometimes, if my heart is hard, she just takes a really sharp trowel, makes a deep cut, and shoves that acorn deep into my stubborn, calloused heart. Soon the acorn germinates, takes root, grows into a sapling as my mind and imagination water it, and as my old thoughts die and decay, they fertilize this little sapling until it grows into a mighty oak tree of a new way of thinking.

Jung and Freud understood the human psyche speaks in symbols in one’s dream life, but are these same types of symbols readily available to us when our eyes are wide awake? I think the answer is yes, so let me explain:

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Guillaume Vincent of for some Acupuncture on my right shoulder. We had previously met socially at an event where I was a member of a guest panel discussing Sacred Intimate work in our area. Later we met to discuss my approach to bodywork and his holistic approach to wellness and bodywork; through the conversation we decided to trade services so we could both experience first-hand each other’s approach.

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US Constellation Conference, San Francisco

Golden Gate from a bench I sat on for a while

I just got back from a four day trip to the Bay area. Visiting San Francisco is always a treat for me and a breath of fresh air.

This time I traveled there to meet with the pioneers of Family & Systemic Constellation Work, the ones from the 2nd and 3rd generations, and the ones like me from the 4th generation. The Third Annual US Constellation Conference.

The first generation being the ones who started the teaching lineage, Bert Hellinger and his community.

This few days together were full of growth, curiosity, introspection and brought much healing.

We met with elders amongst them Malidoma Some, Francesca Mason Boring and Hunter Beaumont.
Their work and the message they offer is deeply profound and full of wisdom.
I would not want to forget Scott Bader a dear friend and teacher.

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