“Silence”, a poem by Guillaume Vincent


You have to go deep
In the fire of the Earth
To save this little trout
from drowning in your guts.

You will feel fear, and laughters
from the longing of your heart
opening to the wind.

You will want to fly, and
never come back,
from this mountain of light.
Forgetting to the ground,
the cradle of your soul
Opening to the One, the oneness in us all.

You will feel fear, of letting go behind,
this dear, sweet, little trout,
that suddenly saw the light.

But between Heaven and Earth
Where is it you should go?

While some wonder about
the seasons and the snow,
and others play and sing
the fallen leaves of all.
It is there for you to find
the nature of your soul.

And in all its strength and awe,
it will be easy to decide
that there is no where to go
but to breathe and sing the life
that ONE once gave us all.

With Love,

Copywrite@2011 Guillaume Vincent
Please Do Not Copy or Reprint without Author’s expressed permission

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