Oriental Medicine

Oriental medicine also called Chinese Medicine or Eastern Medicine is a gamet of therapies developed over the last 4000 years. Each therapy is focused around wholeness and the balancing of the human body.

The major difference between Western & Eastern approaches come from their specific foundations. In the East the human body is seen as part of a whole system (the planet) and cannot be separated from its environment. The body itself is a representation of nature. ie: Just as we treat nature, we must treat the body. During a drought we nourish and water the soil for our crops, we must nourish the yin & blood for our bodies.

Oriental Medicine includes therapies like acupuncture, herbology, gua sha, cupping, moxibustion, tui na, qi gong

Much information about these therapies is available on the web. Below are a few links to some of our colleagues websites.

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