“In The Mist Of The Universe” A Poem by Guillaume Vincent

In the Mist of The Universe


In the west, the mist of a warm breeze caresses my face
In the east, the cold falling snow gives a new coat to the land and the trees

In the south, the ocean meets with the deserts of ice and the deserts of sand
In the north, the melting ice of the shores opens new passages into the Baffin Bay

In the sky, the clouds, the sun and the moon dance with the stars, honoring us, when called, by lightening and its tears.

Beneath us the fire, that our Mother lighted up, to cook for us the lunch and feast among our souls.

Surrounding us with light and silent for anthem, the Universe holds the hands, of the mystery before us…

Oh! There you are, it is nice to see you again…

Guillaume Vincent

Copywrite@2011 Guillaume Vincent
Please Do Not Copy or Reprint without Author’s expressed written permission